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My visit to the Puppy Party!

The puppy party is our favourite night of the month and here is why.

Top tips on choosing a puppy - read to the end for the full picture

Blue has his say on the road trip

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Bonfire night can be very scary for your pets - here are our top tips on how you can help

Please be aware when walking your dog

Insuring your pet is rapidly becoming the norm for pet owners - unfortunately, so is struggling to get your insurance company to pay up when you need them to. So to help you along - here are ten top tips to make the process easier for you. Choose your policy carefully - If you have a pedigree dog, ask about exclusions in certain breeds and clearly understand what is or is ...

Halloween and a day off work. A scary amount of housework and indoor jobs need doing, but the day is beautiful, clear, still and warm for October, so forget the indoor jobs (again....) and head out for a walk in the autumn light. An easy local walk, with parking near Canaston Bridge, just off the A40 at grid ref SN065153. When the new road was built here in 2011, there was fo ...