Acupuncture and Rehabilitation therapy

As part of your pet’s recovery from surgery or injury, we can put together a plan of exercises for you to help assist your pet.  Becky Lewis and Louise Thomas RVNs have an interest in physical therapy and can provide help and guidance where required.   Caroline Gardner MRCVS operates a flourishing acupuncture service, which can work very well alongside physical therapy.  Using the Western style of acupuncture we can manage many conditions.  Most of our acupuncture patients suffer from joint, orthopaedic or spinal complaints, and we have seen some great results.


Duke with his needles during an acupuncture session


Duke prefers to walk around during his acupuncture, rather than making use of the comfy vetbed



Becky and Lou, on our nursing team, are bringing more skills back to the practice.  They have both passed their BSAVA VN Merit Awards in Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy.  This consisted of a number of taught modules, practical sessions and ‘webinars’ followed by an examination

We can also arrange referrals to Smart Clinic in Swansea, for aquatic treadmill and full physiotherapy.

Pet acupuncture

Caroline gives Gypsy her first acupuncture treatment