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Out of hours

Outside normal hours your call will be taken by our answering service who will page the on-call vet.  Make sure you give them an accurate phone number and keep the line free so the vet can return your call.

There is an out of hours surcharge.  

For small animals, our out-of-hours service is based at our fully equipped Haverfordwest surgery, where we will see your pet promptly.

For emergencies during working hours, please phone 01437 760111 and let us know that you have an emergency.

Just visiting the area?

Being at the heart of such beautiful scenery, Pembrokeshire receives many visitors and holidaymakers. If you are visiting the area, we are happy to see you and your pet if he/she requires treatment.  We will always need to contact your own vet first, to obtain an up-to-date history of any problems and medications, so please bring you vet’s contact details with you.  If you have come to Pembrokeshire, but have run out of / forgotten your pet’s medication, we would need a written prescription from your own vet to be able to provide replacements, or you may book a consultation with us.

All consultations are by appointment only at each of our practices. Please contact us to make your appointment.

Get in touch

We care for your pets and farm animals providing the best quality service possible. At The Oak Vets, we deal with emergencies, preventative healthcare, and everything in-between.