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Our farm animal business, based in Clarbeston Road, right in the centre of Pembrokeshire, has been providing veterinary care for around a century. In the very early days farm visits were attended by horse-back and later by motorbike – ground-breaking at the time! The early veterinary practitioners were self taught with no formal training and it wasn’t until the veterinary surgeons act of 1966 that vets had to attend vet school to learn the science of veterinary medicine.

The practice has continued to evolve since those pioneer days with the expansion of the area covered, thanks to the motorcar. Today we have replaced the blood-letting blades and dubious elixirs with state-of-the-art ultrasound scanners and clinically proven modern pharmaceuticals.

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We care for your pets and farm animals providing the best quality service possible. At The Oak Vets, we deal with emergencies, preventative healthcare, and everything in-between.