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Introducing the first Aquatic Treadmill in West Wales for small animal hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is a safe, controlled and effective treatment for dogs. The buoyancy of the water allows muscles to be exercised while the warm water promotes relaxation and well-being.

The Oak Hydrotherapy Centre uses an underwater treadmill as a vital part of rehabilitation programmes as well as for improving cardiovascular fitness in healthy patients. It provides partial weight bearing exercise which allows a more comfortable environment for treatment by reducing the stress on damaged tissues and joints.

Conditions that may benefit from treatment

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Orthopaedic conditions (e.g. hip or elbow dysplasia, OCD)
  • Nerve or muscular weakness
  • Post-operative recovery (e.g. joint surgery or fracture repair)
  • Overweight patients needing to reduce weight and increase fitness
  • Conditioning and fitness (e.g. the working, athletic or elderly dog)

Why aquatic treadmill therapy?

By maintaining a normal walking or weight bearing position, aquatic treadmill therapy has increased benefits to core and limb strength than simply swimming. Furthermore, the hydrotherapist can assess the patient’s movement from all angles adjusting water levels, speed and incline accordingly.

Each hydrotherapy session is tailored to the individual’s condition and fitness level, and there is a hydrotherapist in the treadmill at all times to ensure a safe and effective experience for your pet.

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