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Every day we see patients with mobility and lameness problems.  One thing leads to another and many patients suffer from chronic pain as a result.  We are keen to see every one of these patients return to an enjoyment of exercise, at whatever level is appropriate.

With two nurses trained in rehabilitation and exercise therapy (BSAVA VN Merit Awards) and massage techniques, a vet trained in acupuncture, and a state-of-the-art laser therapy unit, let us put together a programme to suit you and your pet’s lifestyle.  We can carry this out at the surgery, or teach you how to help your pet at home, with lots of useful tips on pain relief, joint movement and exercises.

If your pet is suffering from lameness, spinal or joint problems, age-related mobility problems, nerve or muscle weaknesses – don’t let them suffer in silence.  There is much we can do, with or without ‘drugs’. 

Exercise plans are also beneficial if your pet is overweight, or as part of a training plan for your working and agility dogs.


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