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1st June: Update to Small Animal Services

Eye examination at The Oak Vets
Eye examination at The Oak vets

Another month has passed by and we now find ourselves in June.

We continue to work behind locked doors at Haverfordwest and Fishguard to maintain social distancing.  Luckily the weather continues to be kind, so our social distanced conversations in the car park have been generally pleasant!

All medications, flea and worming preparations are available for collection with 72 hours notice.

Online booking - due to having to 'risk assess' the need for any face-to-face consultations, versus telephone consultations, online booking is temporarily unavailable.  It is important that we are only seeing cases which we cannot manage remotely.

Vaccinations - we are able to perform most vaccinations now BUT as we have limited consult times we may not be able book your pet's booster in immediately. Through June we are catching up on those boosters due in March/April, whilst those due now are being scheduled for July.  Our team are continuing to risk assess the date due, against any risk factors.  Our client care team are phoning all those overdue to offer a suitable appointment time.  These are being carried out at both Haverfordwest and Fishguard surgeries.

Urgent and emergency cases are still being prioritised.

Neutering - some neutering can take place, where a risk of pregnancy or illness exists.  As we are still operating with a reduced sized team there may be a wait before we can book your pet in, but please ring for a discussion with one of our team.

Phone lines - our phone lines continue to be busy between 8.30am-10am, so any non urgent phone calls are best made after 10am, and Mondays / Fridays are best avoided too.

Insurance forms - we are also experiencing some delay in completion of insurance forms.  Our team are working hard to keep up to date, but we reasonably expect them to take 7-10 working days to complete.

St Davids - will remain closed until at least the next Welsh Government lockdown update.

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