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Now necessary to only see urgent / emergency cases, due to COVID-19


Movement to essential / emergency services only, due to COVID-19 (Small Animal)

Following guidelines distributed by our advisors in the veterinary profession this weekend, and in discussion with other practices in the area, we are moving to essential / emergency services only from Tuesday 24th March 2020.  This is to reduce any unnecessary travel, by clients and staff, as well as unnecessary contact to improve social distancing, to reduce coronavirus spread within our community.

This means the cancellation of all ‘routine’ work, to be able to concentrate our resources on essential and emergency services.

We appreciate this is a difficult time for all, but we will be working hard to make sure we maintain our medicines supply and emergency consults.  We know how much your pets mean to you, and apologise for the necessary inconvenience.

Essential and Emergency work includes:

  •         Road traffic incidents and traumas
  •         Euthanasia and end of life care
  •         Breathing difficulties
  •         Pain, not manageable by other means
  •         Persistent vomiting
  •         Some persistent diarrhoeas, where advice over the phone hasn’t resolved the issue
  •         Skin problems where itching is causing a welfare issue
  •         Painful eyes and ears
  •         Caesareans
  •         Pyometra
  •         Blocked cats
  •         Seizures
  •         Exploratory laparotomies for emergency purposes.

'Routine' work includes:

  •         Annual booster vaccinations
  •         Neutering (where there is no risk of pregnancy)
  •         Dentistry (where there is no immediate welfare consideration, or where it may be managed medically)
  •         Nail clips
  •         Some post-op checks
  •         Weight management clinics
  •         Puppy Parties / socials / classes
  •         Behaviour consults
  •         Adolescent health checks
  •         Some anal gland emptying 
  •         Some repeat medication checks - some may be done over the phone for stable patients. 
  •         Most hydrotherapy and acupuncture

However some of these may be covered by phone consultations using videos and photographs, so do not necessarily need a face-to-face consult.  Advice and prescriptions may be decided on the phone, at our vet's discretion.


Annual boosters - we will be carrying out 'restart' primary vaccinations for the same price as a booster once we are able to, if your pet has gone over the recommended date.  With the advice to socially distance, we would hope that pets are at less risk of contracting disease during this time, as they will be mixing less, but please take precautions.  The beach is proving a popular place for those socially distancing, but busy beaches mean more risk of disease transmission, so avoid yourself, and your pet mixing with others during this time.

Primary vaccinations of puppies and kittens – may be considered essential where there is risk.  Where kittens can be kept in, and owners are self isolating then the risk of infection is low, so these may be postponed. Where a puppy is going out to toilet, there may be some risk.  

If you are thinking of getting a new pet at this time, our advice would be to postpone until a more complete service is available again.


Consults will now be 45 minutes long, to allow for disinfection.  Some consultations will now be carried out over the phone, for example care reviews for ongoing medication.  Payment for phone consults may be taken after the call, over the phone.  We are looking into our capacity for video consults and will let you know if this becomes a possibility.

In our Haverfordwest surgery we will continue to ask you to wait outside in the car or car park.  the door to the inner porch will be locked to ensure only minimal people can enter at a time.  Please remember to let us know you have arrived, by phone or by knocking the door/window. A member of staff will be available for collection of prescriptions.  We ask that you pay over the phone before collection where possible

In our Fishguard surgery we will have urgent cases only, and not on every day.  you may be asked to come to Haverfordwest if there is no vet available that day.  A member of staff will be available for dispensing medications (pre-order them please - 72 hours notice)

Our St Davids surgery will not be open in the evenings.  It will be open on Mon/Wed/Fri from 11am-12pm for the collection of medications and some urgent cases.  Please wait outside and knock the door / window to alert us to your arrival.  Pre-order medications - 72 hours notice.

We will continue to use our car parks for waiting and consulting in, where appropriate.

Repeat Prescriptions

72 hours notice will be required for repeat prescriptions.  We have a strong supply of medications coming through every other day, so planning and organisation are key, not panic buying.  Please do not stockpile as this may lead to others having none.  Our fabulous client care staff are dealing with many worried owners at present, so be kind.  

Repeat prescriptions will be available from all surgeries for the time being.  We are considering a doorstep / non-contact delivery service, and may also consider postage in some cases, and will let you know when these are up and running.

We offer the VetPost scheme for some flea and wormer treatments - please contact reception for further details on 

Please phone in to pay for your medication before collection - you can do this on arrival if you so wish, but payment will be taken over the phone, not in person.  This is to minimise people coming into the building.


Further updates will be posted as they happen.  Thank you for your understanding, as we know this is a difficult time for everyone.   Leighton, Caroline, and all at the Small Animal Department, The Oak Vets

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