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12th May 2020 Update to Small Animal Services

Pup at the beach
Beaches - still forbidden

With the recent announcements from both the UK and Welsh Governments, our situation at the practice remains largely unchanged, with the continuation of lockdown rules and essential travel only.

Urgent, emergency and essential cases can be seen at our Haverfordwest and Fishguard surgeries, and we continue to work behind locked doors for yours and our safety.

We are able to see all poorly or sick animals, or those in pain or suffering.  Due to limited staff being able to work safely from the buildings, and the length of time it takes to complete a full consultation, our appointment system is getting busier.

Phone consultations - we continue to use phone consultations (at a reduced rate) where suitable, alongside photos or video footage - to reduce the need for face-to-face consultation, so reducing the risk to you and our team.  

Vaccinations, neutering and other non-emergency procedures - our procedures for these has not changed since the previous post - most will need to be risk assessed by a veterinary surgeon, but with both Haverfordwest and Fishguard now open full time, we are able to carry out more of these safely.  Please continue to observe Government guidelines regarding necessary travel.

Worming and flea treatments/prevention - we are able to dispense these in 1-3 month amounts BUT they must be pre-ordered and allow 72 hours before collection.  Although this is a much longer wait than we usually have, it is necessary due to the less frequent deliveries, and the priorities our limited staff must make in dispensing urgent medications first.

Phone lines - please do avoid phoning for non-urgent matters on Mondays, Friday and SaturdaysNon-urgent includes most prescription requests and flea/worm treatments.  Our phones are particularly busy at these times, and our client care team are likely to be busy assisting with urgent cases.  Best times to call are 10am-4pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  From next week (week commencing 18th May) our Fishguard phone line (01348 874291)will also be reopened, to be able to phone direct.

Car Parks - as we see more cases, we are noticing our car parks becoming busier.  Please remember to observe social distancing behaviours in our car parks - stay in your car where possible (a vet / team member will come to find you when you have given details of your car, by phone, on arrival), do not move within 2m of any other person and avoid leaving children out of the car where possible.  Please keep your pet under full control whilst in the car park.

And lastly, many thanks to the majority of our clients who are making this process run as smoothly as possible.  We know it's a difficult and worrying time for many people, and we know how much your pet's health means to you, and us.  By helping us work through this, we can help your pet the best we can.

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