Blue’s Blog 2: Meeting and Greeting

What a week it’s been, I am exhausted. Meeting and greeting has been the name of the game this week, going places with my family and seeing loads of new things.
I have met rabbits, chickens, sheep, cars and some other dogs. The people are putting me on a long lead and taking me around the garden and in the car. They do put me ‘behind bars’ at night and also when I’m in the car. I’ve heard them say this is to ‘keep me safe’. I just use the opportunity to have a nice snooze.


Back to see mum
Something really exciting happened a few days ago – I was taken in the car and found myself back in my ‘first home’, meeting my mum and one of my beautiful sisters again. Mum thought I smelled funny at first, but after a bit of sniffing she came round and we had a great play. I think my sister is just the most lovely thing in the world (she looks quite like me), and I want to show her how much I think of her by constantly rolling her over and standing on top of her. Eventually she got fed up of this and got a bit ratty with me (I probably deserved it but brothers are meant to be a bit annoying aren’t they?) but a few minutes later she was happy to play again. She is hoping to train as a working sheepdog, so talented as well as good-looking.

Fur and attitude
I also played with some fantastic Tibetan Terriers, who belong to “The Peoples’” neighbours. I wasn’t sure what they were to start with, all fur and attitude. They taught me how to roll down a hill – that was the most excellent fun. But not as excellent as finding my first pond. Wow! I love swimming. I also love being towel dried afterwards. The Tibetan Terriers People keep loads of food in their pockets. I am a very quick learner when it comes to food in pockets.

Finding Stripey
This week’s trick has been to learn ‘down’, then I slither gracefully forward on my belly, looking endearing and hope for more treats. I have also made great friends with one of the cats at home, the one The People call ‘Stripey’. We’re about the same size, and although I like to run away from him, secretly I think he’s a bit in awe of me.

Big Dogs
The Big Dogs have started to let me hang out with them a bit more, and I’m now honoured to be able to curl up next to them – just like big furry hot water bottles. Because I’m still growing I have to have more dinners than they do (4 a day!) - the big Labrador one isn’t impressed by this at all.


More from me next week

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