Blue’s Blog: The Puppy Party!

This is it, this is what I’ve been waiting for for ages (well 3 weeks Mrs G says). They’ve told me about it, I’ve seen the invite, all the people at Mrs G’s work have been talking about it, and tonight is THE night. The night of the Puppy Party!

I arrive at the surgery just before 6.30pm and can smell it has been freshly disinfected ready for us pups. I am so excited, I have no idea who else is going to be there and whether I’m going to make a fool of myself or be totally awesome (you just never know in these things). I do know that some of The Oak Vets staff will be there, and that Mrs G is going to be allowed a custard cream (she seems overly excited about this). The invite said we could bring our family, so also coming is Mr G and the smaller muddier version (aka “the boy”).

Super keen!

So, I’m in and the first one to arrive. I tend to get overexcited, so being fashionably late is not for me. Next in is Bruno – he is just so long and brown – followed by Merlin – pristine and white, looks like butter wouldn’t melt. We have a bit of a sniff and start a bit of playing, but we are still on our leads, and our families need to find a seat and keep us under control (lol) until everyone has arrived. There are toys everywhere, and comfy beds to lie-on, and the girls at The Oak have kindly put water bowls out for us (they have no idea how much mess I can make with a water bowl!).

The guest list
Next into this den of muted testosterone is Charlie - who looks a bit like me, but with bigger floppier ears - Rossi -so cute, a ball of brown mischief- and lastly Luna – the one and only girl of the night, who starts off a little shy, but soon comes out of her shell.
Before we are allowed to get lively, our owners introduce themselves and us, and the vet lays down a few ground rules (I’m not listening, I’m too keen to get the party started). There is also a lady called Jayne who seems to know some stuff about us pups, and thinks she can pass her wisdom onto our people. Let’s hope the people are better at listening than I am.

A quiet start
And we’re off........oh, not yet. Jayne suggests that the more quiet pups are allowed to have a wander around off their leads first, whilst the rest of us stay ‘under control’, so that the quiet ones are not ‘overwhelmed’. I have no intention of being overwhelmed by anything, I am fearless and I will show these other pups my best soon as I’m allowed to.

My mate Merlin
Then I’m free, and now the party can really begin. Merlin is my favourite sparring partner to start with – we rough and tumble, upside down and inside out, one big mass of pup. Sometimes it looks like I’m pushing my weight around because he’s smaller than me, but Merlin has plenty of chances to come back at me, and he always wants more. Merlin’s ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ appearance conceals the truth that a terror lies within. Soon we are both hot and damp and need a bit of a rest.

Important stuff
At just the right point our owners are asked to put us back on their laps, so the people at The Oak can talk to our families about a few important things – play biting, house training, how to examine a pup, and some stuff called ‘socialisation’. After a little demonstration we are off again and playing resumes. 4 of the other pups decide to run round the room in a big line, dodging people, legs and chairs (some are better at dodging than others), the water bowls go flying (told you they would) and the mop bucket has to come out (for more than one reason – gulp, that was embarrassing). I have a bit of a play with some toys (Jayne has brought some safe ones to show us how to play safely and properly) then try out playing with my other new friends.

Rossi may look like a bundle of fur, but inside that soft outer coating is steel and determination. Luna is a sweetheart, who gets over her shyness well, whilst Charlie does some mad running round then needs to go back on his lead for a rest. Bruno is a little older than the rest of us and slinks around mixing with us all in turn.

The Boy!
Then another break whilst “the boy” helps with a demonstration on how to stop your pup jumping up on you. It is particularly exciting to jump up on children because they squeal and seem to love it so much. But adults aren’t so impressed. I’m a quick learner, so I get this, and show off to the other pups about what a good boy I am. Totally awesome in fact.

What a good boy!
Then one last play before we all go home with our party bags (I’ve spotted a Kong toy in there – good; a training sheet - probably OK; a lead – well I’d rather not, but The People might find it useful; and some poo bags – yuck, but necessary). There’s also a certificate in there with MY name on it.
The windows of the surgery have completely steamed up, but after an hour it’s time to go home.
I have the most amazing dreams that night, and hope I have a chance to meet my new friends again.

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