Blue’s Blog - The road trip (and the ‘beer garden’)

Well, I’m in the boot of the car with ‘the big dogs’, and we’re going somewhere. The people seem to be quite excited because there is a ‘blue sky’ and it ‘doesn’t look like rain’, which is, apparently a rare thing in these parts.
Because I’ve ‘had my jabs’ I am to be allowed out IN PUBLIC!!! My fans are awaiting my presence, but they just don’t know it yet.



First stop is Celtic Camping in St Davids, where I turn up the day after a festival (trust ‘The People’ to get there too late), and is full of amazing smells for my finely tuned nose. There are some other dogs here, and lots of ‘students’ who all seem to be missing their own dogs from home, because they make a tremendous fuss of me. This truly is socialisation at its best – dogs, people, laughter, food, smells, legs, shoes. The big dogs get a bit bored, and go to sleep under a picnic bench – apparently they are waiting for the next part of the road trip (something called ‘a beach’? No idea what that is). But I lap up the adulation, and put my best ‘quizzical face with wonky ears’ on. The people are lucky I don’t get smuggled away under a student’s big hoody.



Then back in the car. My younger people want me to sit on the back seat with them but Mrs G insists that the boot is the safest place to be, so there I stay. Squashed between the other two.
Next stop is ‘Whitesands’, and a cafe that sells ice cream. The cafe seems like a great place to be, but the big dogs are scornful – I am ‘too easily distracted’ they say, and am ‘missing the bigger picture’. So I turn my head westwards, and suddenly I see it – the bigger picture – the sea, the waves, the amazing golden sands and the water lapping along the huge expanse of beach.
My first time on the beach – truly a big moment in any Pembrokeshire Pup’s upbringing.

There are rocks to climb, rockpools to paddle through (misjudged one, it was a bit deeper than it looked), coast path to walk on and just loads and loads of flat golden sand and open space to run, run and run, with the wind in my ears...................
Then sleep. I get back to the car and sleep. Dreaming of seagulls, and chasing the other dogs, and those few minutes when they let go of the lead to ‘see if I would come back’.

But it is not over yet. There is still another experience to come, one that is equally important in a Pembrokeshire Pup’s upbringing. The People call it a ‘pub’ but the big dogs are only interested if there is something called a ‘beer garden’ attached to it. This is truly the place to relax after a hard day’s playing on the beach. And a great place for more socialisation. It seems that we are not the only family to take advantage of the blue sky and I roll over from my ‘basking in the sun’ pose to cast an eye over the other occupants of the beer garden. They all seem terribly well behaved, apart from the odd bark at some random noise. And there is also the odd stray chip to snaffle (can’t let Mrs G see, otherwise she’ll have me on rations, or worse).
And then the car ride home – white noise lulling me into a deep sleep – but only once I’ve jostled myself some space between the other two damp salty sleepers (and one of them snores). Can’t wait for my next road trip.

[Words of wisdom from the big dogs – if the word ‘pub’ is mentioned, but not ‘beer garden’ then this is not necessarily good news, and may mean a lengthy stay at home. Also Whitesands is a ‘no-go-area’ from May till September, which is a shame for us dogs but great news for all the people who come to enjoy its Blue Flag status].

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