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Hi, my name’s Blue and I’m a 9 week old Border Collie. Life is just SO EXCITING all the time, unless I’m sleeping, which happens quite randomly (and unexpectedly, even for me). I must send my thoughts telepathically to my secretary (Let’s call her Mrs G) , who is kindly writing them down for you all to read.

Where to start?
Last week I moved in with “The People” and these two huge dogs, and loads of other creatures. The huge dogs ignore me a bit, but I’m sure I’ll win them round.....eventually. I’ve met something called a ‘cat’. It turns itself really big and fluffy, like a pufferfish, when it sees me. That makes me smile inside!
There are just so many new smells and things to chew on here. And that is the only thing that 9 week olds like me are interested in – smells and chewing.
The people seem to get really excited if I sit down and are constantly giving me treats just for putting my bum on the ground and looking at them with my cutest face. I think it’s called ‘being a good boy’.

There are some swinging door thingies that lead out of the room in the house that I live in which seem to entice me to places where I’m “not allowed”. I am making it my mission to discover what lies behind these doors, at all costs. You won’t believe how fast I can move when I hear the squeak of those hinges (even when ‘they’ think I’m asleep).
Mrs G takes me most places with her. Sometimes I go in ‘the car’, to this place called ‘work’ which has even more amazing smells than home, and is filled with people who think I am just fantastic. But she also says it’s ‘good for me’ to be left on my own for short periods. Not sure I agree, I just want to play with people all day!

Gotta go now, there’s some stuff I need to sniff and chew on urgently.

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