3 tips for starting to exercise your puppy.

1. Get ready for the big wide world- Before you take your new puppy out for walks, there are a few things you can do to help get them prepared.
a. Vaccinations- Before meeting or exercising with other dogs your puppy should be fully vaccinated. This normally requires two injections , 3-4 weeks appart. We recommend waiting a further week after the second injection before you take your pup out for walks.
b. Training- Using a collar and lead will help keep your puppy safe whilst out and about. The kennel club has some good advice on how to get your pup leash trained. Practice getting your pet used to coming when called. This is something you can do at home, in the garden. Being able to recall your pet is important!
c. Car journeys- Even if you aren’t going anywhere you can get your pet used to sitting in the car. Allow them to get used to sitting in it for short periods of time whilst it is stationary before starting to make short trips. Hopefully this will prevent them from feeling scared about travelling.


2. Don’t over do it –Owners often ask how much exercise their new puppy needs . A good rule of thumb to use is 5 minutes of exercise per month of life, once or twice a day. So a 4 month old puppy will only need 20 minutes of exercise, a 6 month puppy will need 30 minutes. Sticking to short, gentle exercise regimes will prevent your pet from getting too tired and potentially causing lasting damage to their joints. Once they are older and their joints are fully developed they will be able to do more.


3. Its all about the experience - Once your puppy is ready to go out into the big wide world, try and allow them to see as many different environments as possible e.g towns, parks, beaches, woodlands. This will help to build their confidence and the benefits of socialisation will last a lifetime. If your puppy seems nervous or uncomfortable in a certain situation stop and try again another day.

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