How old is my cat? - How to look after your older cat.

When is my cat ‘old’? – Middle age for cats starts at around 7 years of age. Cats are considered to be ‘senior’ between the ages of 11-14, and once they reach 15 they are ‘geriatric’. Take a look at the International cat care’s advice on how to work out your pet’s age in ‘human years’!


Age is just a number, right?

Cats rarely go grey in old age, so it can be hard to appreciate how old they are from just looking at them. As they age cats may experience problems with their health, such as arthritis or kidney disease. They may not always show signs that they are having difficulty, so knowing their age can help us appreciate what may be going on inside your pet. Have a look at our blog on some of the common issues your cat may experience as they get older.

But getting old is normal, isn’t it?

Yes, ageing is a normal process, and as your pet gets older, natural changes will occur. Their muscles and bone may become weaker. Their heart, liver and kidneys may not work as well as they used to. They may pick up infections more easily as their immune system may not be as strong as it once was. They might not be able to see or hear as well as they are used to. There are changes that you can make around your home to make sure your cat stays happy and healthy as they grow older.

Just like older people, older cats may start to take life a bit slower. They may want to sleep more, spend less time exercising and may gain weight. Some cats also have personality changes – they may become more affectionate or they may become grumpy!
These changes can be normal, but they may also be due to pain or illness. If you are concerned, please make an appointment for your pet to be checked over.


How we can help?

The older your cat gets the more important regular check ups become. Most age-related illnesses can have vague or no symptoms in their early stages. We can provide regular check ups to make sure any problems are detected early, helping to keep your cat healthier for longer! Please give us a call on 01437 760111 to discuss your pets needs.

We can also offer suggestions on how to adapt your home to make it easier for your older cat to get around and enjoy life.

Have a look at our post ‘5 tips for an elderly cat friendly home’

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