Brushing your dog’s teeth- a step by step guide.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is an important step in helping them to have good oral health.  Just like humans, dogs may need a little persuasion and training to allow you to do this.  Starting training when your dog is still a puppy is ideal, as they are more open to new experiences.  This is so they can get used to having their teeth brushed.  Establishing a good tooth brushing routine can start at any stage of your dogs life, it just might take a bit longer for older dogs  to get the hang of it! It is also good to get your dog used to having their mouth examined .

Step 1: Get your pet used to having their mouth examined.

Practice lifting lips and opening their mouth. Not only is this a good routine for dental care, it also helps if your pet needs to have tablets administered.




Step 2: Getting your dog used to toothpaste

Once your dog is used to having their mouth examined, start getting them used to toothpaste. There are lots of different flavours available.




Step 3 : Introducing a brush 


If your dog is happy with this step, you can use a toothbrush. There are two kinds of brushes you can use, a finger brush or a tooth brush. We recommend first using a finger brush.



Once your pet is used to this, you can move on to using a  toothbrush.

Get your pet used to the brush itself first, before moving on to using toothpaste and the brush together.



Step 4: Correct positions for brushing teeth 

Make sure you and your pet are in a comfortable position.

Start by brushing the incisors and canines (front teeth) . Using two fingers on both sides of the nose , gently lift the lips. Rub the finger brush or tooth brush over the teeth.





Once they are used to the brush, you can start using toothpaste as well. Use a pea sized amount, apply it to the brush and follow the same technique to clean all of the front teeth.

Move on to the back teeth- gently lift the lips with your fingers and brush the teeth and gums at the back of the mouth.

Try and brush your dogs teeth on a daily basis.

For further advice or help with brushing teeth, please speak with one of our nurses. Ring 01437 760111 to make an appointment


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