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Repeat Prescriptions

Animals suffering from chronic illness often need long-term medication to give them an enhanced quality of life, and improved life expectancy.  Many of these medications are legally classed as POM-V (Veterinary Prescription-Only Medications). In accordance with current laws and recommendations, POM-Vs may only be prescribed to animals under our care.

In long-term ailments, patient care review and examination will need to be conducted at regular intervals, for your pet’s well-being.  The general policy of the practice is to reassess an animal every 3 months, but this may vary with individual circumstances, such as the nature of the disease, how well the animal is responding, and the likelihood of side effects.

We require 24 hours advanced notice for repeat prescriptions.  As each and every prescription must be authorised by a vet, sometimes it is not possible to do these ‘on-the-spot’.  A phone call the day before could avoid you having a lengthy wait!

You will be informed on request of the price of medicines that may be prescribed for your pet.  Written prescriptions are available at a small charge.

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