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Weight Management

Carrying too much weight is a common problem in our domestic pets, and can contribute to a multitude of debilitating conditions, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, skin infections, liver disease and bladder problems.  It can also cause your pet to be at much higher risk during any anaesthetic and surgical procedure.

Our nurses are available to give comprehensive weight management advice, free of charge.  We often have special offers on weight management diets too, which our nurses can discuss with you at your appointment.

Basic principles of weight control work wonders!  Reduce the amount of calories going in, or increase the amount of calories being used through the day.  The most common problem we find is that an animal’s food intake is not calculated properly and / or titbits are fed in-between meals.  A good starting point is to check the side of your pet’s food bag / tin and work out what should be given for your pet’s ideal weight (not its actual weight).  Measure it out accurately then divide into 2 meals per day, and give no other extras.  If you wish to give ‘treats’ for training or as part of routine, then take them out of the ration, don’t add them on as extra.

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