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Microchipping your dog is compulsory 

Inserting a microchip under your pet’s skin proves to be a useful and safe means of identifying your pet and recovering them if lost.  It is also utilised by the police as a means of proving ownership.  The microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, is implanted between the shoulder-blades.  When activated by the microchip reader, it gives your pet a unique 15 digit code which is entered onto our own database, as well as the national Petlog database.

It is vital to remember to keep your Petlog details up-to-date, especially any changes to phone numbers.

For further information on the new microchip regulations, go to Welsh Assembly Microchipping laws.

The law (Control of dogs Act 1992) does require that your dog must also wear a name / address tag on its collar or harness when out in public.

If you are thinking of getting your cat microchipped, it is included in our Healthcare Plan.

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