Hydrotherapy for your pets

What to expect when you visit.

The most cost effective way to look after your pet

Medication Advice

Helpful advice if you cannot remember what the vet told you to do.

Weight Management

Carrying too much weight is a common problem in our domestic pets,

Veterinary surgery at The Oak Pembrokeshire


We have the facilities to manage almost all types of surgery in-house.  


As a practice we strongly believe in vaccination as a way of preventing your pet contracting life threatening diseases.

Repeat Prescriptions

Animals suffering from long term illness often need long-term medication to give them an enhanced quality of life,


Microchipping your dog has become compulsory under new laws as of 6th April 2016.

Nurse Clinics

As a nurse training practice we take pride in our qualified nurses, and the care they give to our patients.

Pet Passports

Pet passports allow your pet to travel to many countries, European and further afield, with the completion of a few simple steps


Dental disease in our pets can affect their quality of life, through the discomfort it causes and the persistent infection it harbours.

Acupuncture and Rehabilitation

As part of your pet’s recovery from surgery or injury, we can put together a plan of exercises for you to help assist your pet.

Just visiting the area?

Being at the heart of such beautiful scenery, Pembrokeshire receives many visitors and holidaymakers.

Puppy Parties

Our Puppy parties are normally held on the last Thursday of the month at 6.30pm  

Protecting your data is important to us.

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We care for your pets and farm animals providing the best quality service possible. At The Oak Vets, we deal with emergencies, preventative healthcare, and everything in-between.